Scruff Episode 62 The Tree Festival Children’s Animation Series

Scruff is a 2000 television series by D’ocon entertainment based on a 1993 book by Josep VallVerudu. It features the story of a puppy, Scruff, who is adopted by a farmer named Peter. The show was directed by Antony D’Ocon  the show was distributed in English by BKN Network. A family of tourists lose their puppy. After a long night lost in the forest, the puppy is found by Peter, a young country worker who adopts him and takes him to his aunt and uncle’s farmhouse. The adoptive country folks are totally baffled as to what kind of breed he is. Despite that, over time they discover his skills, which include acrobatics, and the ability of sniffing out all kinds of forest fruits in a happy go lucky, hazardous way.

Named ‘Scruff’ he lives amidst livestock, poultry, and a couple of other dogs called Sanda and Tricks. Whom over time become his family. Each episode features a new adventure for Scruff. He will learn about the farm through the farm animals and pets, about the forest with the wild animals, and in the village he will meet human beings.

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