Real Story Behind Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy

        The real hero behind megastar chiranjeevi`s next-Syeraa is Uyyalawada Narasimha reddy.

         This unsung hero is one of the many unsung heroes in India`s freedom struggle. The pulsate of people of Rayalaseema rises even today when they hear the name of this legend. Let`s get into the details of life of this person.
During the British rule in India, `palegandlu` were the local rulers in Rayalaseema region. Narasimha reddy belonged to one such ruling families and used to receive pension from the government. Narasimha reddy was born in Roopannagudi, brought up in Uyyalawada and received pension from Nossamkota. His guru is Gosai Venkanna.

        When Narasimha reddy was 40 years old, there was a small conflict between him and the government regarding his pension amount of 11 rupees. As a consequence of this incident, he grew aggressive and started a rebellion against the British government. He killed tahsildar Raghava chary and looted the treasury worth 805 RS. He humiliated treasury officer and challenged the Government. The district collector declared a war against Narasimha reddy`s army on July 23 1846. The ferocious army of Narasimha reddy fought so bravely that the English officer fled the battle ground in fear. Still, Narasimha reddy chased him and separated his head from torso with a single shot. Since then he killed rude and corrupt British officers so often that the government declared a huge price money to the people whoever handover Narasimha reddy, dead or alive.

The government recognized that they cannot kill Narasimha reddy through fair means and opted play a foul trick by torturing general public, with the help of Malla Reddy, brother of Narasimha reddy. On October 26th, 1856, government awarded death sentence to Narasimha reddy and on February 22,1857, he was hanged to death in a place called Jurretioddu. His head was separated and was hanged to the entrance gate of koyalakunta until 1877 as a warning to fanatics and rebels. In this way, the government suppressed one of the very first rebellions in a harsh manner but the spirit continued on throughout the period of freedom fight.

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