Pakistan`s flag is “the best toilet paper” in the world

Following the inhuman terrorist attack on India, Pakistan has been the target of media, not only Indian but of the whole world.

Pakistan flag

Leader’s of world countries have condemned this cowardly act and it`s the turn of the netizens to play their role. Over the past couple of days, Twitter is full of posts showing the proofs that Google is showing Pakistan`s flag as a result when searched for best toilet paper in the world, making #thebesttoiletpaperintheworld hashtag popular.

Pakistan flag as shown toilet paper

As we all know, jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the attack. Masood Azhar, the head of jaish-e-Mohammed is being protected by the government of Pakistan.

Pakistan National FalgThis is not the first time that Pakistan has turned a safe-haven for terrorists worldwide. Previously, the world`s most wanted terrorists like     Osama bin Laden were shielded by Pakistan. Following this kind of activities, Pakistan is being isolated by the world community and this event is regarded by many as a consequence of Pakistan’s behavior.

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