MS Dhoni Captaincy Record

MS Dhoni Captaincy Record:

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, fondly known as Mahi, captain cool is often regarded as one of the best cricketers of this generation.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Dhoni was handed the responsibility of captaincy when Indian cricket was in a transition stage. Using all the available resources wisely, Dhoni made Indian cricket reach new heights such as ODI world cup, first ever T20 world cup, number one spot in test cricket etc.,

Though Dhoni retired as the captain of the team, he continues to be the uncrowned king of the current team. One can often see Virat Kohli taking suggestions from MSD during crucial stages of the match. Recently, in the ODI series against Newzealand, when both Dhoni and Kohli were given rest, the Indian team was nothing but a sand castle.

In the following match, in which Dhoni was taken in, we have seen the miracles he can do with his incredible captaincy skills and good experience. Officially, Rohit Sharma was the captain of the Indian side but the way MS has handled some situations, and the way he was encouraging young players is truly admirable.

Dhoni`s fitness, even after these many hectic cricketing years, is impeccable and even the young players in the team can`t compete with Dhoni in sprinting.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Appualed to Bowler

Not only as a captain but also as a batsman, wicket-keeper, Dhoni`s skills are also applauded in the cricketing world. He is undoubtedly the best match finisher with the bat and an unmatched wicketkeeper with his swift decision-making skills and presence of mind. Already, many youngsters in the cricketing world have admitted that Dhoni has inspired them to choose cricket as a career.

Indian team in row
Indian ODI Team

As a recognition of his great contribution to the Indian team and the sports field on a larger scale, the government presented many awards to him including Khel Ratna.MS is the only person capable of playing his trademark shot, the helicopter. At this moment, when there is a lot of manpower available with a lot of young talent coming in through platforms like IPL, there is a great need of a strong leader to lead them and let`s see how much he contributes for the upcoming world cup.

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