Latest Trends In Tollywood 2018

               2018 has been a year of great fortune to movies which were made with a small budget. The success of these movies proved once again that Telugu audience are not particular about star casting as long as the story is good. Tollywood film industry has previously seen movies like pellichoopulu which came out of no expectations, managing to entertain the audience.

         If we were to make a list of top 5 such movies this year, the movies arranged in chronological order would be:

1) EE Nagaraniki emaindhi

2) RX 100

3) C/o kancharapalem

4) taxiwala and

5) Husharu

1) EE Nagaraniki Emaindi:


This movie was released on 29TH of June and was directed by pellichoopulu fame Tharun bhasker and produced by D. Suresh babu. Though the budget of the movie was less than 2 crores, it managed to earn profits equivalent to the triple of investment.

2) RX 100:

            RX 100 was released on 12th of July. It was directed by Ajay Bhupathi with a budget of less than 2 crores. New actor Karthikeya was introduced to the industry with this film. This movie collected 31 crores(US$4.3 million) at the box office. Also the music of the movie has been reverberating in the ears of audience since the release.

3) C/O Kancharapalem:

Hop in for a free ride with

            This movie hit the screens on 7th of September. It was directed by Venkatesh Maha and the budget of the movie was around 44-70 lakhs. The movie managed to entertain the audience inspite of the fact that almost all the actors in the movie are new. This movie was lauded by big figures of the industry like Rajamouli, Shekhar kammula, Sukumar etc.,

4) Taxiwala:

          After fighting a long battle with the pirates,the movie officially was released on 17th of November. The genre of the movie, sci-fi-comedy was new to telugu audience but still managed to their hearts with mesmerizing performances of Vijay Devarakonda, Priyanka jawalkar, Malavika nair etc., so far the box office collections of the movie are around 50 crores.

5) Husharu:

          Husharu was released on 7th of December and can be called a very good youthful entertainer. This movie was directed by a debutant director Sree Harsha Konuganti. This movie stole the heart of youth with the right mix of elements like emotion, fun, romance, realistic etc., this movie is a surprise hit in the industry.

Though there are many such movies, yet we considered the top 5 in chronological order.

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