Tollywood Star Producer Dil Raju Second Marriage

Tollywood Successful Producer Dil Raju Second Marriage..!

Tollywood Successful producer DilRaju is about to get married. However, no one came forward and offered clarity. Fans say there must be condemnation or truth. Dil Raju has a Powerful Name in the Telugu industry. Named for his success as a producer. Dil Raju is the producer of the film Jaanu. The producer is now in the news because of his personal life. Dil Raju’s second wedding has now become sensational.–3IBlxHNjo

Dil Raju’s wife Anita died of an illness three years ago. Dil Raju his wife’s name in his Venkateshwara banner. Dil Raju has a daughter and she is married. The Dil Raju was left alone after his wife died. It is said that Dil Raju was also thinking about it. Although he was supposed to get married in February, for some reason it was postponed. On the other hand, Dil Raju’s daughter also agreed to the marriage. Dil Raju, though grandfather, does not seem to be so.

There is no official information on Dil Raju’s wedding.



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