Babu Gogineni On Humanism | BIG BOSS #2 Contestant

Watch Babu Gogineni Exclusive Interview is a founder of Humanist Association and part of the founding team of Science for Society.

He is a former director of the International Humanist and Ethical Union. He is a public communicator, and travels domestically and internationally to spread humanism and awareness on social issues. He had started a movement for reason through a humanist intervention in a social crisis.

Babu Gogineni reacts with more ethuism to talk about the Humanisms which is host by Swapna. Gogineni says if you want to live your own life then you have to be light on to yourself not others. Now again representator ask that are you fundamentally against group consious? Then Gogineni replies that no your talking about group consiousness but i am advacating Human Solidality.

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