Aakasham Loni Video song | Devi Putrudu Movie

Watch Teluu video song its a super hit song this was total on baby, song was Aakasham Loni Video song in Devi Putrudu Movie, Music composed by Mani Sharma…

The Story Line The movie begins with a voice explaining the submersion of Dwaraka village in the sea because of a huge tsunami, then jumps to 5000 years ahead and starts with Krishna (Venkatesh), doing pranks in Bombay and earn living with petty thefts.

End Story Line is The film ends with the birth of a baby between Krishna and Sathya which had the same birthmark as that of the girl Paapa.

  • Directed by : Kodi Ramakrishna
  • Produced by : M.S. Raju
  • Screenplay by : Kodi Ramakrishna
  • Story by : Sumanth Art Productions
  • Music by : Mani Sharma
  • Starring :
    Anjala Zaveri……….


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