Rgv on Scary | Ramuism Reloaded

Watch The show is hosted by Swapna and this interview is about Ram Gopal Varma on Scary | Ramuism Reloaded.

The show is focuses on Rgv Scary about the Police officer incident hosted by swapna. Rgv says that the incident happened with Police officer calling him to come home and dicusses about the problem that the criminal blackmailing that he had marfed police officer daughter’s photo in the place of a nude girl saying setting for sex and have sent to his personal number.

Police officer says to Rgv that from many years i am in position of police department and when the crimal is doing towards my daughter he is still not able to do anything.So the police officer says to Rgv how should we punish the criminal. The discussion continues RGV explaining about the incident happened………


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