Babu Gogineni Mann ki Baath With Swapna Episode 2

Babu Gogineni is an Indian Humanist, rationalist, and human rights activist, who served as Executive Director of the International Humanist and Ethical Union. He is also the founder and owner of Skillguru, a training organization and private business. In his activism, Gogineni campaigns against established privilege and abuse of rights done in the name of religion. Gogineni is a public communicator, and travels domestically and internationally to spread humanism and awareness on social issues. He is a regular television commentator in India and abroad on topics of superstition, science, Humanism and human rights. Gogineni is also a prolific writer in English, French and Telugu. He was a columnist for Hyderabad-based daily newspaper Postnoon and wrote a column called “The Human Angle”. He has also hosted a multi-language TV series called The Big Question with Babu Gogineni offering a Humanist perspective on science and civilization. The show focuses on Humanism which is host by Swapna. Babu Gogineni reacts with more ethuism to talk about the Humanisms. He usually get called to a channel ! to speak on an area that he know about. Thats broadly about Science, Democracy, Human Rights, Human Values, humanism, rationalism. He also says that he is excited by the idea that human life can be surrounded around the human. Human values should be decide the way we live and the great ethical


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