Why Should You Be A Vegetarian?

“Vegetarianism is neither a diet nor any religion. It’s a lifestyle.”

For all the non-vegetarians trying to bring in a change in their lifestyle by converting into a vegetarian, we have the reasons for you to convince yourself.

*Animal products are major carcinogens:

Many kinds of research say that red meat and other animal products are one of the major reasons for cancer.

*Meat industry consumes about 1\3rd of all freshwater resources. To feed the animals and in the processing of meat, a lot of fresh water is wasted.

*Occupies 45% of the land. Among all the available cultivable land, meat industry requires a lot of space for growing fodder, rearing the animals, establish industries for meat processing etc.,

*200 million baby chicks are ground alive in egg factories every year.                                     *Meat industry produces 14.5% of our greenhouse gases.

*If all the humans on earth turn vegetarians, methane emissions would go down by 25%.

*Live pigs are put into boiling water where their skin comes off when they are still fully conscious.

Imagine, if we grew at the rate of genetically modified poultry chicken, by the age of 2, our weight would be 158 kgs.

So, not only on the basis of mercy on other living beings but also for our own health, ecological balance etc., it`s high time we all become vegetarians.


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