Jagan’s Deeksha on SPL CATEGORY STATUS at Jantarmantar has brushed aside like a cheap gimmick. TDP further stated that Jagan fears Modi due to ongoing cases against him, hence did not dare to perform Deeksha in front of PM residence.

On 11.02.2019, CBN & the team sat on Deeksha at AP Bhavan, not at PM residence or Parliament. No one dares to question why they did not choose parliament or PM residence as a venue for Deeksha, as it is planned by 40-year industry experience CBN. Whom are they fearing and for what reasons?

Public funds are spent like water for Deeksha. Spl flights, Spl trains, 5-star hotels, flight bookings, exclusive food preparations, guest hospitality etc., cost drearily to the state budget. The lavish spending on Deeksha got national media attention and CNN gave wide publicity. People are commenting that when the state can afford to spend money like water on programs like Deekshas, what is wrong in PM giving blessings to Amaravati by offering water and soil brought from divine places?

None of the state opposition parties attended Deeksha. The handful of the outdated UPA leaders, most of them relevant for mere headcount saw it as another free platform to mastermind mission DELHI DARBAR. The filthy speeches of Shivaji and Divyavani, date expired film actors, a placard with message THE COUNTRY IS PUT IN THE HANDS OF A PERSON WHO DESERVES HOLDING OF SOILED CUPS targeting our Prime Minister are totally unacceptable and poorly reflect on CBN administration. If TDP party stand is clear on the above message, the placard should not have been removed and denied it as handy work of TDP.

DHARMA PORATA DEEKSHA looked like a DESTINATION WEDDING planned with public money rather than a real fight for the genuine cause. The conspicuous absence of Mamata, Maya, Akhilesh, Stalin, the present aces/trump cards of opposition is a clear indication of their non-acceptance of Rahul as the bridegroom. Breakfast with Babu, l mulakat with Modi exhibited by Mulayam is a clear indication of breaches in MAHAGATBHANDAN. The efforts of CBN turned out to be futile memories with destination wedding becoming a disaster.

Another self-goal scored by CBN with helping hand of Rahul.


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