CBN shared Delhi durbar with BJP for 4 years, completely shielded Modi when they shifted goal post from special category status (SCS) to special package (SP). Totally gone over bound and got students fighting for SCS beaten up by police, warned opposition with arrests. Without fully exploring Spl package, he jumped into conclusions and went all out to claim fatherhood for Spl status agitation, which is a legitimate child of Jagan. In order to prove Spl status agitation is his baby, CBN went all out with overdose criticism on Modi Ji, 5 Star Dharma Porata dikshas to project Jagan as the proxy of Modi. The efforts to garner support to this theory got backfired and CBN became the odd man out in the process.

Madness reached peaks with honeymoon and breaking with Congress on the same issue. Desperate Public started pulling hair in frustration. Leaving SCS, SP to winds he finally settled for SINGAPORE SPECIAL PACKAGE (SSP) at Amaravati.

As Modi Ji rightly pointed CBN had fallen into the trap of Jagan, danced to his tunes and scored Singapore self-goal.


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