Strong Female Characters Of Telugu Movies in 2018

So far we have seen many movies in which the female lead roles or supporting roles taking the movie to the next level like in movies such as Arundhathi, Anamika etc.,

The year 2018 has also seen women playing challenging roles and hugely contributing in the success of the movie. If we are to list the top 5 of such performances,

  1. ARJUN REDDY- Kanchana(as Arjun`s grandmother)

kanchana        Veteran actress kanchana has done complete justice to her role as grandmother of Arjun. She played the role of a well-educated person who is experienced in life, can read the mindset of youth of present generation at the same time can also quote from the scriptures. She was an emotional contrast of Arjun, as the mind that thinks many times before it actually acts. Her experience has been a great advantage to the movie.

  1. BHAGAMATHIE – Anushka shetty

bhagamathi         Anushka has always been a ray of hope of Tollywood, whenever there is a requirement of a dynamic actress in a female oriented movie. She has already proved her capacity with movies like Rudramadevi, Arundhathi etc., in this movie, Anushka plays the role of a young and passionate IAS officer Chanchala Reddy. The way she dealt with the problems and competed with all other male roles is spellbound.

  1. MAHANATI- Keerthy Suresh

keerthy suresh       Portraying the character of a legend, who is still alive in the hearts of audience is not an easy task. And the way Keerthy has brought life in the character is unmatchable. Communicating with the audience in a character that has multiple variations such as innocence, pride, happiness, sorrow, gratitude etc., is not an easy task and Keerthy has carried the whole movie on her own shoulders undoubtedly.

  1. ARJUN REDDY- Shalini pandey

shalini pandey         Shalini, though it`s her debut telugu movie, has given whatever she can, to convince the audience in playing the role of Preethi, an emotional support to such an aggressive, emotional person, Arjun. The way she carried the emotional scenes is exceptional.

  1. RANGASTHALAM- Anasuya Bharadwaj

Ansuya           Anasuya, a familiar face to the television audience, though made few other telugu movies, proved her acting worth as ‘Rangammattha’ in the movie. She portrayed the character of a friendly neighbor of Chitti Babu (Ram Charan) and added more humor in the first half. In the second half, she revealed the suspense behind her being alone, though married in spite of pretending as if her husband is in gulf countries. Her character was very crucial and heavy as she had to cover her sorrow with an entertaining smile on the face. This is definitely one of the powerful female roles portrayed in telugu movies this year (2018).


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