Baba Baidyanath Dham Deoghar

Vaidyanath or Baidyanath jyotirling is located in Deogarh, Jharkhand state, India.

Hindus believe that the demon king Ravana, who is a great devotee of Lord Shiva performs penance and offers his ten heads one after one to him.

Lord Shiva, who is said to be so pleased with sincere devotees agrees to grant all the wishes of Ravana and medicates Ravana himself. That is why this jyotirlinga is called Vaidyanath, which literally means god of curing or medication.


Another common belief is that Ravana believes that his kingdom is weak and plans to bring lord Shiva himself to his kingdom permanently so that his kingdom shall be invincible.

For this, he prays the lord and pleases him with his sincere prayers. Lord Shiva gives away his atmalingam to Ravana on one condition that the lingam shall lose all it`s` powers if it`s` kept on the ground until he reaches his kingdom and the rest of gods are not happy with this decision as Ravana, it becomes invincible, would cause havoc.

So, they send Varuna, the deity of water to stop Ravana before he reaches his kingdom. So Varuna enters Ravana and Ravana had to attend nature call because of Varuna.

             Meanwhile, Lord Vishnu disguises himself as a brahmin and Ravana gives him the responsibility of Atmalngam. Unfortunately, Ravana had to take a long time to come back. by then, the Brahmin places the shivling on land and that is the place where the present-day temple is situated.

In this way, there are many beliefs about the existence of the temple.However, the temple sees huge crowds on special occasions like Mondays, festivals, Shivratri etc.,


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