Scruff Episode 19 Smells Like an Adventure

Scruff is an animated series Tv series serial which was released 2000 by D’ocon entertainment Which Was based on the books from 1993. This cartoon features the story of a Puppy who adopt by a farmer who name was Peter. This Scruff Episode is show the adventures and entertainment for kids. Scruff is a Gift for the Kids which was given by the D’ocon Films in 2000.

  • Script : Josep Penya, Ramon Herrero, Antoni Babia, Antoni D’Ocon
  • Editor : Xavier Blanch, Jordi Igual
  • An Original Serie of : Antoni D’Ocon
  • Based on the Novel by : Josep Vallverdu (Premi D’Honor de les Lletres Catalanes 2000)
  • Lyrics : Laura Cerdan
  • Music : Theo Jaskolkowski
  • Backgrounds Desing : Miguel Ibanez


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