Extreme Dinosaurs Episode #21

Watch Extreme Dinosaurs Episode 21 Have a Nice Daynosaur is a super action & science fantacy series. Extreme Dinosaurs 2D Animation Serial by BKN (Bohbot Kids Network) & DiC.

The story line Upon finding Argor’s cruiser, T-Bone, Spike, and the Raptors end up in an alternate dimension inhabited by humanoid dinosaurs and a female Quadranian. The Raptors use their Aggression Activator device to turn the local raptors to their side.

Genre : Action/Adventure, Science fantasy

  • Created by : Louis Gassin
  • Directed by : Rich Trueblood
  • Starring :
    Jacques Bourassa
    Garry Chalk
    Marcy Goldberg
    Jason Gray-Stanford
    Terry Klassen
    Blu Mankuma
    Cusse Mankuma
    Scott McNeil
    Lee Tockar
    Louise Vallance
    Samuel Vincent
  • Composer(s) : Matt McGuire


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