Mesmerising Facts About Bhadrakali Temple , WARANGAL .

Warangal, the second largest city in Telangana state, is not only a modern smart city but also a symbol of rich culture and heritage of the Deccan region. Originally, the city was named Orugallu\Ekashila nagaram . However, the present name `Warangal` is a modified form of `Orugallu`, in common usage.

Many tourist spots like thousand pillars temple, Warangal Fort, Ramappa, Laknavaram etc., make Warangal a go-to tourist destination. Above all of these temples, Bhadrakali temple is prominent and iconic place in the city.

The temple, with over 1400 years of history, tells us a lot of stories. The inscription says that the temple was constructed in 625A.D by Chalukya kings.

Warangal badrakali temple
Warangal Bhadrakali temple

One of the legends about the temple says that the face of the deity appears the way you feel in the heart while looking at. The statue of the goddess Bhadrakali is made of stone and is 9 feet in length and breadth with 8 arms, each distinctly carrying a weapon.

bhadrakali matha , warangal
Bhadrakali matha, Warangal

It is believed that Chalukya king Pulakesi 2 worshipped mother Bhadrakali and blessed with a victory over Vengi kingdom. After the chalukya dynasty, in the period of Kakatiya reign, the grandeur of this temple reached its peaks and king Ganapati Deva got constructed a huge lake in the premises of temple which is still functioning and quenching the thirst of the people of Warangal.

Another interesting fact about this temple is that Koh-i-Noor diamond, which is known worldwide for its quality, was taken from this temple, which used to be the eye of goddess Bhadrakali.

After the fall of Kakatiyas, from 1325, the temple was neglected and after the freedom, the temple was renovated and now, the glory of the temple is incredible and also is hugely contributing in the development of Warangal tourism.


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