Amazing facts about Numaish and it`s history:

Numaish masnuaat-e-mulki, popularly known as Numaish, is an exhibition of local products, organized annually, over a period of 46 days.

This exhibition is unique among other exhibitions in the world as it is being held annually over a period of eighty years.

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Numaish started in 1938 by a group of Osmania university graduates, attracts traders and small businessmen from various parts of the country, ranging from dry fruits from Kashmir to ayurvedic medicines from Kerala and footwear from Rajasthan to Hyderabadi haleem. The exhibition has a permanent venue,i.e., exhibition grounds in Nampally, Hyderabad.

Interestingly, until 2011, traders from Pakistan and Iran also used to have their stalls in this exhibition. But because of some diplomacy issues, they are not being allowed since 2012.

The exhibition includes stalls selling clothes, footwear, toys, food, medicines, cutlery and utensils, games etc.,This is why people of all age groups are seen busy shopping and having entertainment in circus, laughing house etc., Not only stall owners, but also a very good number of hawkers are seen selling their goods in an attempt to earn their bread and butter.

The recent mishap in this exhibition ruined lives of many of them as almost 300 stalls were burnt and a great loss of property shattered the dreams of everyone that have come all the way in the hope of making a good fortune. It is supposed that the fire, started in a bank stall because of shortcircuiting, spread rapidly which lead to an explosion of a gas cylinder which eventually catalyzed the spread of fire. Luckily, there were no cases of loss of life in this tragedy. However, the government of Telangana and exhibition committee has promised exgratia to all the victims.

Let us hope that this kind of events shall never affect the event in the future.


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