Save Temples – Lepakshi A Short Film

Save temples is a devotional short film web series. In this category explains about the temples in India. Lepakshi short film explains the temple history and where it is located.

In Lepakshi lord Veerabhadra swamy temple is there. Which is located in Anantapur district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Veerabhadra swamy temple was built 16th century. For more information watch the video.

  • Short Film Name : Lepakshi
  • Written – Cinematography – Sound Designing & Director : Rajendra Vinod
  • Produced By : Aarvi Films
  • Background score By : Gagan Baderiya
  • Narrated By : Rakesh Bhaskar
  • Edited By : Pavan Kumar & Paralesh Kaiya
  • Digital Art : Sajosh Rajan & Ravi Gowda
  • Sound Mixing : Rajendra Vinod
  • Production Desing : Praveen Sagar
  • Recording Studio : Audio Kraft
  • Editing Studio : Orna Graphix


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