Sri Mahalaxmi Suprabhatham

Online listen to the Sri Mahalaxmi Suprabhatham and get peaceful mind & money. Sri Maha Kakshmi is the most powerful goddess of wealth and prosperity. Laxmi Devi is spouse to Lord Maha Vishnu. “Laksmi” word taken from Sanskrit as लक्ष्मी and the meaning is “Goal”.

Lakshmi Devi looks with four hands, wears red Saree with golden border and standing on a lotus. Maha Lakshmi has golden coins in one hand and lotuses on other hand. Two elephants stand besides goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi.

Sri Mahalaxmi Suprabhatham Benefits

Chant or listen daily Sri Mahalaxmi Suprabhatham, we will get wealth, good fortune, beauty and auspiciousness. Most of the people pray for Sri Maha Lakshmi to earn more money.


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